About Us


Mission Statement

American Lives Theatre engages, provokes and entertains by presenting a mirror to Indianapolis, reflecting our lives and history with new work and neglected classics exploring the lives and experiences of all Americans.

We Tell Stories...

... that boldly cry out the truth of all that is thrilling, unjust, terrifying, joyful, absurd, brave, shameful and ultimately compassionate  which embody the elusive spirit of these united  - and often divided - states. 

Artistic Director Chris Saunders

Who We Are

Artistic Director  

Chris Saunders

Board of Directors

Justin Blackstone

Phillip Fischer

Judy Fye

Cheyenna Irwin

Jen Johansen

Stephen Roger Kitts II

Marc Mendonca

Randy Noak

Britni Saunders

Georgianna Tutwiler


Our Values

  • We value inclusivity, in casting, hiring and scope of work. We seek to represent the wide array of American lives.

  • We value community. We believe in serving Indy by selecting plays that speak urgently to our city. This is a factor in play selection, and it is why the majority of our artists and leadership will always consist of Indy residents.

  • We value our colleagues and friends in Indianapolis theater, and therefore seek to produce work that is either entirely new to Indianapolis or is ready to be revisited. 

  • We hold sacred the transformative power of art and vow only to produce work that reaches deeply within to reflect, question and examine who we are as individuals, human beings and Americans.